Katijuana la Dominicana
Queens, NY
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I only have one request.
You have too many witnesses.
You have evidence.
You have to ease the public.
So what you’re waiting for?

have u been following this on twitter? shit is amazing to say the least

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This Youtuber bartbaker who makes racist,sexist parodies often donning blackface and slut shaming for views responded to my friend’s tweet (i have removed her twitter handle privacy reasons) concerning his offensive, distasteful parody of Anaconda. (the link vvvv)


I’m really frustrated that white men continue to get away with displaying their harmful, racist, sexist attitudes to millions of people and often never face consequences. In this case my friend has become “the problem” when addressing the REAL problem of racism and sexism. He took offense to her calling him out on his bullshit and asked that his fans “correct” her and back him up. HE IS ABSOLUTELY FOUL AND I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THAT AS A COMMUNITY WE DO WHAT WE CAN TO STOP HIM FROM CONTINUING TO SPREAD THIS FILTH. 

**Please take a few minutes of your time to tweet him // his fans // and stand up because this happens far too often and I can assure you if we don’t do something he’ll continue to produce filth and influence people to do the same. **